Monday, September 24, 2012

The “Go” of Preparation

Molly gets a bath

If you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift—Matthew 5:23-24 

I'm thinking of all the things in life that need constant checking and redoing:
  1. oil levels in cars
  2. toilet bowls needing to be cleaned
  3. dust levels in house
  4. air pressure in tires
  5. food supplies in cupboard
  6. dishes
  7. mowing the lawn
  8. gasoline in cars (no one wants to think about that lately)
  9. physicals
  10. baby's diaper
  11. eating
  12. fluid intake
  13. getting sleep
  14. bathing
  15. bills to pay
  16. clothing-yeah...they wear out or need washing
  17. diabetics need sugar levels checked
  18. snow shoveling in winte
  19. updating virus protective software
  20. you think of one
You see?  No matter how ready we get...we are never done getting ready or fixing things or updating or redoing, etc.  But as Christians we often forget to check ourselves...and repent, and turn from sin.  We constantly need updating.  Look at your hearts...see what's there.  Ask God what needs to change. Repent of the sin He points out.  It's not fun to do.  No one likes it...but it keeps us running smoothly.

Some direct quotes from today's devotional:
  • It is dangerous to become settled and complacent in our present level of experience. The Christian life requires preparation and more preparation. 
  • The “go” of preparation is to allow the Word of God to examine you closely  
  • Do you have anything to hide from God? If you do, then let God search you with His light. If there is sin in your life, don’t just admit it— confess it. 
  • Never disregard a conviction that the Holy Spirit brings to you. If it is important enough for the Spirit of God to bring it to your mind, it is the very thing He is detecting in you. You were looking for some big thing to give up, while God is telling you of some tiny thing that must go.
  • Behind that "tiny thing" lies the stronghold of obstinacy, and you say, “I will not give up my right to myself”— the very thing that God intends you to give up if you are to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Are you ready to give up yourself and "go" prepare yourself?  It's tough...I don't like to see my sin.  I guess I have to anyway...just like a little kid who hates taking a bath.

Photo: Molly Gets a Bath, by Ginny.  Flickr Creative Commons.


  1. * giving Mom a shower
    * going out to the bus stop
    * checking the mail
    *bringing in the newspaper
    * cleaning up after the dogs