Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Removing My High Places

The high places were not removed from Israel. Nevertheless the heart of Asa was loyal all his days —2 Chronicles 15:17

As you cannot take a day off morally and remain moral, neither can you take a day off spiritually and remain spiritual. God wants you to be entirely His, and it requires paying close attention to keep yourself fit. It also takes a tremendous amount of time. Yet some of us expect to rise above all of our problems, going from one mountaintop experience to another, with only a few minutes’ effort.

So what are the "high places" in my life? 

  • wasting time on FB. 
  • Reading novels.
  • Doing nothing.
  • Wanting more materially.
  • Not praying.
  • Skipping quiet times.
  • Being selfish with "my" time.

I also don't spend enough time with the Lord. It seems like the older I get, the more I recognize how unspiritual I am. So...it sounds like Asa was a follower of the Lord, and yet he held some things back from God. I call myself a Christian and yet I don't put much effort in it. I have a list a mile long of personal convictions. Being honest about it is hard. I've recently stopped telling people that I will regularly pray for them. I know it is a lie. I will pray once or twice about it. That's the truth.

I don't know why God even puts up with me. I think about my parents and what amazing people they were spiritually. They loved and served the Lord with all of their hearts. They touched hundreds of people throughout their lives here. I think they would be disappointed in me.

I'm not going to pretend on this devotional blog that I'm a spiritual person.

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