Thursday, August 16, 2012

Does He know me...?

...when I have sadly misunderstood Him?
 (Mary-thinking He was the gardener while she was looking for Him near the tomb)

 ...when I have stubbornly doubted Him? (Thomas-declaring that he would not believe unless he placed his fingers in Jesus' nail pierced hand)

 ...when I have selfishly denied Him? (Peter-denying Christ three times, the last with curses)

 Today Chambers looks carefully at these three questions, while using examples in scripture. Each one of these people had a personal history with Jesus. They knew Him. Jesus forgave, loved and restored each one of these people to himself afterwards. That's encouraging because although it hurts to admit, I've been guilty of sadly misunderstanding Him, stubbornly doubting Him, and selfishly denying Him. He still knows and loves me. He won't let me go...even when I am awful to Him.

 Here's a quote from Chambers: Do I have a personal history with Jesus Christ? The one true sign of discipleship is intimate oneness with Him— a knowledge of Jesus that nothing can shake.

I'm challenging myself with the following questions:
Do I know Him?  Do I talk with Him?  Do I love Him?  Do I truly follow Him?  Am I truly one with Him?

Photo of my daughter in Robert Tremain State Park

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  1. He is holding on even when all the world is shaking. "Safe Am I".